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PDS International - Peter Kiddell - 


Peter, another good friend, is a print expert and most knowledgeable about all things print. He is also a great speaker, trainer and author having written many print related articles for numerous publications. Peter has helped many blue chip companies get their print operation right and his services are sought globally as an expert and trouble shooter. If you have a printing problem that needs solving, Peter is the guy to do it.



3B Web - Alex Bremer -

In their own words 3B is "A tight team of London geeks, gurus and artists, passionate about - and expert in - DIGITAL CONTENT MARKETING - bringing technical efficiency, design flair and marketing chops to everything we do!" Alex (and his brother Jack - a globally recognised Joomla expert) - have produced virtually all the FESPA show websites for the last 18 years as well as the main FESPA site. They are really nice guys and run a highly professional business with a great team. Working with them was always a pleasure. Again I would highly recommend them for any digital content project - big or small.



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Alex Bremer

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