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As mentioned in the book, I have been most fortunate to have worked with some amazingly talented people all brilliant in their respective fields. I would recommend them all 100%. They are listed alphabetically by company.


Bartos - Lenka Bartos - 


Founded by my wonderful and special friend Ludovit in 1986, Bartos has grown and developed into a successful company offering a wide range of printed and embroidered materials.  Now run by his daughter (Lenka) and son (Martin) the company is highly respected in Slovakia and Austria. Investment in new technology has seen Bartos stay ahead of the game and provide first class service to its customers.


Digital Dots - Laurel Brunner


Laurel Brunner (an amazing, dedicated print expert, journalist and lovely lady). Laurel has driven many print initiatives for the benefit of printers and is so knowledgeable about most things print related. A great champion for standards in print and her weekly blogs are brilliant. Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialising in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies and they publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.  She is my "Queen" of print.


The Bartos management team -

Lenka is  on left...

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Laurel Brunner