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Small Additions

Batelov the Movie


If you have read the book then you must watch this. The sound has been removed due to copyright issues but this was probably the funniest two days I have ever spent in my life. It was organised by the Czech Association in 2009 and it was just brilliant. A collection of challenges/tasks/games had to be undertaken by 6 teams - 5 from Czech Republic and one from Slovakia. Just watch Ludovit pacing out his run up for the squeegee throw challenge. Brilliant!!!!!!







It was a pleasure to be involved in the production of Sensations in 2007. It was a massive project (the production of a special effects samples portfolio of 33 different effects). We had a small committee who spent about a year putting many ideas together and the end result was amazing and is still talked about.


I worked closely with Phil Brown, a production manager at Augustus Martin, who printed most of the book, Phil talks about it here.


Using Baca's back as a print table. ...